Maps and Street Closures

  1. Event Permit Application

City Hall

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LaTrice Mose

LaTrice Mose

Revenue Manager

Form: Addendum A - Maps and Street Closures

Special Events are only permitted in the following zoning districts: Comprehensive Development District (CDD), Commercial Conservation (CC), Redevelopment District (RDD), University Services (US), Urban Core (UC), and Rural (R). Events that are scheduled to take place on City of Auburn property must be approved by the City Council and/or the Director of Parks and Recreation. If you have any concerns on the zoning of your area please visit to view the City Zoning.

For any events not held at a City of Auburn property, a detailed site plan showing the following must be turned in with the application:

  • North arrow.
  • Scale drawing of not less than one (1) inch = one hundred (100) feet.
    • You may use google maps, or the like, for mapping purposes.
  • All property lines (if applicable for your event).
  • The location and dimensions of all existing and available parking areas.
    • Parking may be on-site or off-site. Where off-site parking is provided, there shall be adequate plans for transporting or conducting patrols from the off-site parking facilities to the special event area.
  • Location of all ou
  • Location of the nearest fire hydrant(s).
  • Location of any stage/sound systems and/or any other vendors (food, souvenirs).
    • Stages, booths, tents, scaffolding, or structures of any nature on, under, or within which persons may congregate, shall conform to the applicable building, health, and other construction codes.
  • Bathroom facilities, garbage and refuse disposal.
    • Site must be cleared of all debris and temporary structures (including bathrooms, fencing, stages, etc.) within 24 hours of the end of the event.
  • Emergency vehicle access with open fire lanes shown.
    • Vehicular access points shall be kept open.