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The City may require your vendors to obtain a City of Auburn business license prior to commencing business activity. City business licenses expire on December 31st of each year, and a business license must be renewed for each year that the business is in operation.

  • A health permit is required for all businesses preparing food (issued by the Lee County Health Department).
  • A City of Auburn alcoholic beverage license is required for establishments selling beer, wine, or alcohol of any kind. A liquor license must first be obtained through the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC).
  • A business licensed by a State of Alabama licensure board (e.g. cosmetologist, landscape architect, security alarm installation) must present proof of their State of Alabama licensure board license when applying for a business license in the City of Auburn.

Alcoholic Beverage Sales

The sale of alcoholic beverages, whether at wholesale or retail, on-premise or off-premise, within the city limits of the City of Auburn requires both a State of Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) license and a City of Auburn alcoholic beverage license. An Auburn business license is required before an alcoholic beverage license can be granted. An application should first be made to the ABC board. The ABC board will forward the ABC application to the City of Auburn for consideration by the Auburn City Council. Following consideration by the City Council, the City of Auburn will notify the ABC board of the applicant’s approval or denial. Note that a business must be in good standing with the City of Auburn (no taxes or license fees are past due) for an ABC application to be considered by the Auburn City Council.
NOTE: please allow 30 days for the City of Auburn to present your request to the Auburn City Council.

For events held on City property, we will collect 10% of all sales. The 10% must be paid prior to leaving the event site or within five business days of the event. Please refer to the Vendor Contract for more information.