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Brandon Rowland

Brandon Rowland


The library offers both color and black & white printing. Print jobs can be sent from any of the library's public computers or from your own personal device.

  • Color Prints are 25 cents per side
  • Black and white prints are 10 cents per side.
  • Card stock is available for 5 cents plus printing costs.

Printing from your own device

Print jobs may be submitted via the library's web portal, or by downloading the PrinterOn app on your mobile device either in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Additionally, print jobs can also be sent by email. Both email text and attachments will be loaded into the print queue and accessible using the sender's email address.

Printer/Location Single or Duplex email
Black and White- Adult Single
Black and White- Adult Duplex
Color- Adult Single
Color- Adult Duplex
Black and White- Youth Single
Black and White- Youth Duplex
Color- Youth Single
Color- Youth Duplex

Printing from the Public Access Computers

  1. Log into a public access computer using your library card or guest pass.
  2. Use the print command or menu.
  3. Select a printer, confirm your print settings, and click print.
  4. You will receive a pop up detailing pricing. Click "OK".
  5. Proceed to the print terminal located next to the printers in the adult lab, or the print terminal on the back wall in the youth area.
  6. Log in using the same credentials you used to sign into the public access computer.
  7. Preview print jobs if needed.
  8. Select the print jobs to be printed.
  9. Pay the print vending station. (If you need to pay via card, please speak to the person at the help desk.)
  10. Click "print" then "pay from vending device".

Online Payment Portal

Need to pay for prints using your debit or credit card? Visit our online payment portal. You may use American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. The minimum amount for a credit transaction is $1.00.