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Samford Pool

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Samford Pool  Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are offered June - August each year through Auburn Parks and Recreation. We teach American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim classes for all ages and skill levels at Samford Pool.

Schedule of Lessons will be released on April 3, 2023.
Registration for all lessons will open on May 1, 2023.

To make an account, visit

Preschool Aquatics - $45.00

Preschool Aquatics is designed for children approximately 4 and 5 years of age. The purpose of the course is to facilitate developmentally appropriate learning of fundamental water safety and aquatic skills.

Preschool Aquatics (PSA) consists of three level. No skill prerequisites are required for PSA Level 1. For PSA Levels 2 and 3, children must be able to demonstrate the exit skills assessment of the previous level. All children should be evaluated during the first session, regardless of level, to determine the appropriate starting point for each child.

On completion of Preschool Aquatics (PSA), children may enroll in American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim (LTS). A child who completes PSA levels 1 or 2 and is 6 years old may enroll in the next level of PSA or move onto LTS Level 2. A child who completes PSA Level 4 may enroll in LTS Level 3.

For help determining which level to enroll your child, view this course fact sheet: PSA Course Fact Sheet

Learn-to-Swim - $45.00

Learn-to-Swim courses are to teach children and young teens to be safe in, on, and around the water and to swim well. Aquatic and personal water safety skills are taught in a logical progression through six level.

Participants in Level 1 are oriented to the aquatic environment and gain some basic skills in each category. As they progress through the levels, participants build on their basic skills to learn and refine various propulsive movements on the front, back, and side. On successful completion of Level 3, participants have achieved basic water competency in a pool environment. By the end of Level 6, participants have the prerequisite skills and have developed the necessary skill and fitness levels for entrance into advanced courses, or other aquatic activities such as competitive swimming.

The recommended minimum age for entry into American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim is approximately 6 years old. There is no maximum age for any level; however, it is typical that participants in the Learn-to-Swim (LTS) levels are elementary to middle school-age children. There are no skill prerequisites for LTS Level 1. For LTS levels 2 through 6, participants must be able to demonstrate the exit skills assessment of the previous

For help determining which level to enroll your child, view this course fact sheet: LTS Course Fact Sheet

Learn-to-Swim Level Days Dates Time

[Learn-to-Swim Level]

[Monday/Wednesday or T/TH]


[June - June or July-July}


[9:00-9:30 AM]

Private Swim Lessons

Private instruction can help swimmers of all ages! To be elligible for Private Swim Lessons, please complete the Private Swim Lesson Request Form that can be found on Once we have your information, we will match you with an instructor that is best qualified for your swim lesson package.
All Private Lesson types are as follows:

1-on-1: this is a class for one participant, taught by one instructor. $100/hour

Semi-Private: this class is for two (2) to three (3) participants. The session time will be divided by the number of participants and they will each receive 1-on-1 instruction. (a 30 minute class for two (2) participants will be two (2) 15 minute lessons) $80/hour

Group:this class is for a group of up to five (5) individuals that are all the same skill level, taught by one instructor. $60/hour

Swim Lesson Refund Policy

• Refunds may be requested online at

• Cancellations may be processed up to 5 business days prior to the first class day. Any cancellation not made 5 business days prior to the first class day may not be refunded.

• Online Fees will not be refunded.

• All refunds will be processed through the City of Auburn.

• Refund checks will be mailed 2-4 weeks from the day of cancellation.