1. Public Works
Public Works

Public Works Building

4277 Wire Rd, Suite 300

Dan Ballard

Dan Ballard

Public Works Director

The Public Works Maintenance Division provides leadership over the maintenance of the City of Auburn street network and storm drainage system. This division repairs streets that have been damaged and consults with contractors on larger repairs or maintenance work. The division assesses existing streets, curb and gutter, drain inlets and storm water conveyance systems to identify defects and develop maintenance recommendations for the renewal and replacement of assets, further enhancing the citizens of Auburn’s quality of life. This division supports the work of many other departments, including Engineering Services, Parks and Recreation and Water Resource Management.

This division coordinates with Engineering Services and Water Resource Management to develop and implement standards for design and construction to further enhance the construction and maintenance of new public assets. The Public Works Maintenance and Construction divisions collaborate on many efforts to ensure citizens of the City of Auburn experience an enhanced quality of life through public works.