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David D. Dorton

David D. Dorton

Director of Public Affairs

The purpose of the City's social media accounts is to keep Auburn residents, businesses and visitors informed on City of Auburn news and events and City services.

We encourage you to submit questions, comments and concerns, but please note that this is a moderated page and is not an open forum.

The City reserves the right to delete both City posts and user comments without prior notice. The City also reserves the right to delete comments that:

  • contain spam or include links to other sites
  • are off-topic to the particular post
  • advocate illegal activity
  • promote particular services, products or political organizations/causes
  • infringe on copyrights or trademarks
  • use personally identifiable information
  • contain discourteous, vulgar, profane, sexual or obscene content
  • contain rude, defamatory, threatenting or personal attacks

Commenters on City posts should treat each other with respect, and no personal or individual attacks will be permitted.

By posting on the City of Auburn's social media accounts, you agree to comply with this comments policy and the terms of service set by the social media platform.

Please note that comments made on posts on these sites may not reflect the opinions of the City of Auburn or City of Auburn elected or appointed officials or the City staff. The content on these accounts may not be reproduced, or used for commercial purposes, without express written permission from City officials.

Citizen concerns and complaints not relating to a specific post may be directed as follows:

Should your post violate any of these areas, it may be hidden without notice. The City of Auburn also reserves the right to ban users who repeatedly violate the terms of service for this page.

The moderator(s) for this page are on duty during regular business hours (Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.), and frequently answer questions and post information outside of business hours. Please be patient as we may not be able to answer, if an answer is needed, until the next business day.

Thank you for following us on social media, and we hope it makes it easier to get information about City of Auburn news, events and services.

For more information on this policy, the City of Auburn's social media accounts or City news, events and services, please contact David Dorton, Director of Public Affairs at (334) 501-7266 or

Contact information for the Auburn City Council is available at

Auburn citizens also have a forum at each City Council meeting, during which they can speak to the Auburn City Council on any topic. Auburn City Council meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers located at 141 N. Ross St. in Auburn.