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Below is the information necessary to begin garbage collection service in the City of Auburn. Please complete all the information below clearly and precisely to ensure prompt and accurate billing for establishment of services.

Charges to initiate service include a refundable deposit of $30 for garbage. The deposit is due at the time of application or can be billed at the discretion of The Water Works Board Utility Billing Office. The deposit may be waived if you can provide a "Letter of Credit" from your most recent utility provider, which should reflect a minimum two-year payment history with no late charges, or notices of disconnect. Please be advised that past payment history with The City of Auburn Utility Billing Office will supersede a "Letter of Credit" from any other utility. Please contact The Utility Billing Office at (334) 501-3050 if you have any questions or concerns regarding establishing an account. Email us at, or visit our office at 1501 West Samford Avenue in Auburn, Alabama.

*NOTE*—Current state or government issued photo identification is required before service is commenced.